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Time To Get All Wet With Sydney!

Did someone say, Shower Time?! Follow me on this beautiful journey with sexy Sydney…   ydney is an awesome model and has helped me evolve in my craft tremendously over the past few years so I was very excited when she agreed to shoot for Pocket Girl Magazine. Check out this preview of her feature!   Sydney has always been interested …

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Tabetha Mary Clothing Exempt

Sweet & sexy Tabetha. Come experience why Pocket Girl Magazine almost became a nudie mag! abetha LOVES her body and that fact was very apparent during this shoot.   What made you want to work as a model? “I love photography and being the model is even more fun. I love my body and I’m very comfortable with who I …

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Stacey LeAnn with some Southern Hospitality

Experience some genuine southern comfort with the beautiful Stacey LeAnn. I’ve had the honor of photographing Stacey on several occasions and each time was even more exciting than the last. tacey is an unforgettable human being and here’s a sneak peek of our little chat session along with a few shots from each shoot.   What Stacey likes about modeling …

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Lauren Harts You

Meet Lauren.  A beautiful model from the Metro Detroit area that we recently had a great opportunity to shoot and chat with for the next issue of Pocket Girl Magazine.   auren is a very fun person to talk to and that goes the same for photographing. Here’s a sneak peak of our shoot and part of the interview,   …

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Nikki Shows off her Sexy in this Exclusive PGM Feature

Nicole is such a beautiful Vietnamese girl and I’ve admired her selfies on Facebook for a really long time. So when Nicole told me she was ready to shoot for PGM, it was without a doubt that she would be a featured model, possibly even a cover model! Our first shoot was supposed to be a “test shoot” but Nikki …

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