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Stacey LeAnn with some Southern Hospitality

Experience some genuine southern comfort with the beautiful Stacey LeAnn. I’ve had the honor of photographing Stacey on several occasions and each time was even more exciting than the last.

IMG_1860 IMG_1901

Stacey is an unforgettable human being and here’s a sneak peek of our little chat session along with a few shots from each shoot. Check out more of Stacey in Issue 2 of Pocket Girl Magazine, coming soon!


  • What Stacey likes about modeling is the creativity, being able to bring an idea into reality. She dislikes when she comes up with an idea that she can’t figure out how to bring to life.
  • As far as working out, Stacey says she hits the gym whenever her boyfriend reminds her to or when she feels his body looks better than hers.
    • What’s your sexiest piece of clothing or lingerie?

“Sexiest I would say is Laced boy shorts alone or black laced lingerie one piece, maybe my red laced one piece with laced hand cuffs one.. Or even my boyfriends t-shirt can look pretty sexy . 😉”

    • What’s most attractive to you, a person’s personality, physical traits, or possessions?

“Persons personality and physical traits. 😍 love an intelligent, nicely built, sweetest brown skin ! One that shows and proves dedication and motivation while encouraging me to live and do better. Just as he is. 💍”

IMG_1968 IMG_1958 IMG_0450 copy as Smart Object-1

Check out more of Stacey in Issue 2 of Pocket Girl Magazine, coming soon!


IMG_0456 copy as Smart Object-1

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