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Time To Get All Wet With Sydney!

Did someone say, Shower Time?! Follow me on this beautiful journey with sexy Sydney…

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Sydney is an awesome model and has helped me evolve in my craft tremendously over the past few years so I was very excited when she agreed to shoot for Pocket Girl Magazine. Check out this preview of her feature! See more of Sydney in Issue 2 of Pocket Girl Magazine, coming soon!


  • Sydney has always been interested in fashion and been a fashionable kid, Sydney has only taken one class but has learned most of what she knows about modeling, makeup, and styling from magazines and her own research. Sydney grew up helping in a family owned clothing store which sparked a lot of her passion.
  • Sydney’s hobbies include modeling and poetry. She likes to match her poetry with her modeling and post them together so they tell a story.
  • Sydney says a turn on for her is someone who is humble, very smart, comfortable in their skin, a person who is brutally honest.

“There is no specific guy that I like, its about their attitude and everything that comes with it.”

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Check out more of Sydney in Issue 2 of Pocket Girl Magazine, coming soon!



About Patrick Gamaliel

Photographer, writer, poet, artist, and editor at Voist Magazine and Pocket Girl Magazine.

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